Would you like a McWedding with that?

Did you ever dream of having your wedding at a McDonald’s? Well now’s your chance. McDonald’s new business venture is wedding planning. They’re planning on hosting weddings and anniversary events in three restaurants in Hong Kong.

You might be asking yourself who on earth would want to do this? Well McDonald’s has certainly found a niche market. The reason behind this new venture? “People said they’d dated here, or met here and wanted to get married here…We see this as a business chance.” said Cheung, McDonald’s director of corporate communications and relations in Hong Kong.

They’re adding their own McSpin to the wedding. Instead of the traditional wedding where they use cherries to eat together and kiss, McDonald’s will have french fries instead. The price tag is $400, so for those on a tight budget, this might be the answer to your prayers. Reservations are being taken now so you might want to schedule!

What is interesting is how a culture quite different from the western world can adopt this with open arms.

“Asian culture, much like any culture are more concerned about portraying the image of wealth and success which is reflected on the parents of the bride than on the cheap sparing no expense to show off extravagant wedding displays to guests, or so it is believed, until now.” -Barry ORegan

Will America ever adopt this? I would have thought that it would be first to jump on that train since cheap and quick Vegas weddings are a huge hit with their culture. Since McDonald’s is the epitome of Americanization it could fit perfectly in the western world.

To read more:http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/400-you-can-now-marry-hong-kong-mcdonalds



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