Google taking over your television set

They’ve already conquered the cellphone industry and are now moving into television territory.

Appropriately named ‘Google TV’, it will bring you the ability to search the web for shows, movies, videos and stream them onto your television set. You can also view your email, favourite social media websites, check online newspapers and complete the Sudoku of the day at the same time. It comes with a wireless keyboard and remote.

Here’s how it works:

Why is Google TV important? Over at CrunchGear, J. Biggs and M. Burns explain.

First, it offers more. TV has always been a one-to-many transaction. Now it’s a many-to-many transaction. As we’ll note below, Search is the thing Google does best and Google TV is all about search. If you’re looking for a show you not only get schedule information on that show but you get a wealth of clips, images, and web pages on that show.

At, Jose Castillo describes a conference where Rishi Chandra, Product Lead for Google TV,  presented on Google TV.  Chandra repeats the phrase “The web is now a channel on your TV.”  but it is not replacing cable television.

Chandra’s first few points laid the groundwork for why Google TV was pursuing the television as a video delivery device. According to Chandra, household TV viewing in America is up to 5 hours a day. “The least popular channels are getting more and more consumption,” he said, “and now channels with less than 1% of market share account for 50% of overall views.” Overall TV consumption is up, and the internet has allowed channels to scale from 300 to millions, creating more and more content in a variety of niches and genres. With a critical mass of broadband and HD televisions and inexpensive content creation and consumption devices, Google TV has positioned itself to finally bring the web to the screen in your living room.

Will people be able to adopt to this way of watching television? I sure can see this being the future of television and the web combined. And I’m not surprised Google is taking this new world by storm.

If you find yourself interested in Google TV, read 8 reasons why to try it and 4 reasons not to.

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