Societal norms drastically changing

Societal norms have changed tremendously within the past century, even in the past decade. We can see this through womens roles at home, what’s acceptable to wear in public, what shows we enjoy..etc. With the increase of content that we are able to view, our tolerance for things we used to deem unacceptable and uncomfortable to watch are now everyday things we view. With the web taking a huge role in our social lives, we share things faster, and societal norms are being changed faster.

Caitlin Halloran, over at, expresses

“Back in the day, when easily defined social norms existed, social networking meant seven women sitting on the front porch gossiping and giggling while sipping sweet tea.

As a young adult in a fast-moving age, it seems the contrast between the current and past generations is wider than before.

Before, people knew the clearly defined etiquette.

Families met for dinner and discussed their activities, and young men took women out for milkshakes.

Nobody follows the so-called rules anymore. That is, if there are still rules to follow.

Now, fast food and frozen dinners rein the table, and couples argue about appropriate venues and splitting the check.

Texting, digital music players and networking Web sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have encroached on what used to be normal relationships, with a disconnect occurring where bonds used to form.

How often does one hold serious conversations via Facebook chat or through a text message?

Almost every day, severe confrontations and hopeful advising discussions happen via online chatting, where the only advantage is using emoticons to express the pseudo-heartfelt emotion the user might be trying to convey.”

My professor, Dr. Strangelove, gave an example which was the woman’s body. 50 years ago, women were embarassed and ashamed of being pregnant out of wedlock. They would be an outcast from society because the values of society were that sex before marriage was unacceptable. But as our values changed, we’ve seen women uncovering their pregnant bodies on magazines and even in public. It’s amazing what a few decades can do to a society, with the addition of media and accessibility to everything in a click on the internet. There’s no doubting that “public norms have changed enormously” as my professor said.

Check out the rest of Caitlin’s article here:


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