Viewing habits tied to life stages

Do you ever think about how those growing up watching television are going to be when they grow up? Are they going to look back and appreciate the technology of today? More importantly, how often are they going to be viewing television? The youth of today seem to be ones that watch television constantly, but the more and more, they are watching it online, on their phones, on their laptops, ipads..etc. The medium of television  and its consumption by the youth of today is going down.

“A recently released Nielsen study provided a bit of a surprise with regard to young people’s media habits: viewing habits are tied to life stages and do not appear to be generational. Young people are more tech savvy and heavy users of smart phones and laptops for video viewing, the study said. The unexpected result, however, was the evidence that young peoples’ viewing changes as they age. The fact that the 12-to-24 age group doesn’t make traditional TV viewing a priority is due to several reasons, says the report, such as how busy this demographic is with school and out-of-the-home activities. But Nielsen senior vice president of consumer insights Dounia Turrill believes that as teens and young people age and settle down, they will watch more TV. Her evidence is buttressed in part by previous generations, which were tracked as watching low levels of TV in youth and then watching more as they grew older.” from Broadcast Engineering

Teenagers are always on the move and always need things to be at a high pace. So sitting down and watching television isn’t in their best interest. I find that in this age gap, you want to be part of the hustle and bustle of the world. Things are always changing  and unstable at that stage. And since the internet has brought it to you at your fingertips (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube..etc.) you can keep in touch with what is going on quicker than on television. Time to relax isn’t in their schedules. Unless it’s a lazy sunday or it’s raining outside. But as they age, they’ll get used to the fast-paced world and settle down more with their lives and have a cup of tea once in a while and appreciate life. At this stage, they’ll most likely turn on the television with a loved one and just relax.

For the article from Broadcast Engineering:


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