Newspapers to be gone by 2020

With new media taking a bigger place in our lives than old media, it was bound to happen that newspapers would start to disappear.With the economic recession, jobs are getting cut and money is not being made. The only choice is to move the newspapers to the web, since that’s where everyone is getting their news now. We are changing where we are getting our opinions from.

People have changed the medium that they get their information from. Instead of books and newspapers, it has turned into websites. Many newspapers have posted their articles on their websites so they keep customers. But if they’re making you pay a price to see the article, when another website has said the same things for free, wouldn’t you prefer going to the free webpage?

Web surfers are caught between this dilemma. Do they continue paying for papers, or web-articles, or do they search it for free.

Many newspapers see their future and are trying to save it, quickly. The Economist writes:

“Having ignored reality for years, newspapers are at last doing something. In order to cut costs, they are already spending less on journalism. Many are also trying to attract younger readers by shifting the mix of their stories towards entertainment, lifestyle and subjects that may seem more relevant to people’s daily lives than international affairs and politics are. They are trying to create new businesses on- and offline. And they are investing in free daily papers, which do not use up any of their meager editorial resources on uncovering political corruption or corporate fraud. So far, this fit of activity looks unlikely to save many of them.”

Lara Sinclair at the Wall Street Journal writes:

“Newspapers as we know them will be irrelevant within 12 years, according to futurist Ross Dawson, who said journalism would be largely ‘crowdsourced’.

Mr Dawson, who will address a Newspaper Publishers’ Association forum on the future of the industry on Thursday, predicted within 10 years, mobile reading devices that would allow people to consume news on the run would be our “primary news interfaces”.

Especially with technology adapting to consumers consumption trends, they are coming out with tools that make it easier to view newspapers like the iPad. Society has been through this before. Everything changes at a certain point, but society always adapts.

Would you prefer a handheld newspapers or a webpage newspaper?

Choose wisely.

To checkout The Economist:


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