Reasons for using Internet differ by gender

It’s obvious that we know more people are using the internet than 20 years ago. But who has been surfing more? And what are the differences between what they surf for?

Jennifer Leclaire sums up the Pew Internet & American Life Project Study. She says that women are catching up to men on how many use the internet. Men are still the ones who try out the new technologies first, but women are slowly catching up. “Sixty-eight percent of men are Internet users, compared with 66 percent of women.”

She goes on to explain that they might be surfing the same net, but searching for different things. Leclaire explains:

“Online men are more likely to check the weather, get news, get do-it-yourself information, check for sports information, get political information, get financial information, do job-related research, download software, listen to music, rate a product/person/service through an online reputation system, download music files, use a Webcam, and take a class.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to use e-mail, get maps and directions, look for health and medical information, use Web sites to get support for health or personal problems, and get religious information.”

Men’s purpose for the internet is mostly for recreational activities. While women use the internet for connecting with people. “If there is an overall pattern of differences here, it is that men value the Internet for the breadth of experiences it offers, and women value it for the human connections,” Leclaire quotes Fallows.

My Professor, Dr. Strangelove, explained in class his viewpoint on this. He said that men use the internet for power and status, while women used it for social factors. He also added that when women blogged they talked more about themselves, their lives and it was more personal. They were online to make more connections with others.

To checkout Dr. Strangelove’s blog:

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