The man your man could smell like, and what he did to the marketing world

You’ve probably heard of the hype around Old Spice and its genius campaign.

Here’s a run down of it if you haven’t:

Its changed entirely the way people see social networking and has created opportunities for brands to create a unique interaction and close bond with their audience. With a lot of success reaching its target audience online and making a good impression on the marketing biz, did Old Spice succeed in its objective; increasing sales?

“The answer is a Social Media and Inbound Marketing yes, according to Nielsen.  According to them, sales of Old Spice Body Wash—the line touted in the Wieden + Kennedy-created campaign—rose 11 percent over the past 12 months and since the effort broke in February, sales seem to be gaining momentum.  Over the past three months, sales jumped 55 percent and in the past month, they rose 107 percent, also per Nielsen. The success of their social media inbound marketing campaign has seen Old Spice become the No. 1 brand of body wash and anti-perspirant/deodorant in both sales and volume with growth in the high single/double digits according to P&G rep Michael Norton.” says Patrick Murphy over at the Silicon Cloud

Eric Bleist blogged about the Old Spice campaign:

To me, this campaign was really eye-opening. It signifies two major trends happening in the new media world right now:

1) A business-driven convergence of popular social media platforms.

Think back to 2009. Which two emerging trends went crazy that year? Twitter usage was the biggest upward trend. The other was online video, which, with the help of Hulu, took huge strides.

2) Advertising taking some control over social media

The Old Spice campaign was organized by Weiden + Kennedy, and it was an aggressive move from the advertising firm. Having graduated from Boston University with a PR degree, I’ve been told PR departments should control social media. Now, I’m being exposed to some different points of view. While I still think PR skills (notice I didn’t say “firms”) are best to handle day-to-day “conversation management,” I’m seeing advertising disciplines (again) taking the lead in creating social media campaigns.


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