The on-going distortion of image by media

I was watching ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ the other day and they were doing makeovers. Now, makeovers on talk shows have been a regular thing so that was nothing new. What was new was that when the woman came out all made up with new swanky clothes and a new hair dye, they also said they had injected her with botox. For me, this is completely out of the norm and shocked me. But in Hollywood everyone is getting their face injected or body altered. Promoting that on a talk show and having viewers see it as an ordinary person just like them can get botox was a bit uncomfortable. I’m someone who has the motto of ‘do the best with what you were given’ so to have someone inject botox like its the ‘norm’ or to ‘fit in’ was a bit unconventional for talk show makeovers.

This generation thats growing up now has had the most problems with body image than other generations. Teenagers are influenced by many things, parents, friends, society and media. This generation depends on media and is highly influenced by media. Society is realizing that this causes problems because the media distorts beauty. It then reflects onto teenagers a horrible influence on body image. From billboards to magazines to fashion runways, it is all a distorted image of beauty. Very few girls look like that. But with those images bombarding young girls everyday, they can only think that looking like those models is the ‘norm’ or the way you should look when it is not.

A couple years back, Dove went behind the scenes to show young girls the real side of beauty and started a capaign opposing distorted perceptions of beauty.

The vast majority of advertisements promoting women’s products contribute to unrealistic standards of beauty in western society. Dove, however, has launched an advertising campaign dedicated to both promoting a healthy body image among women as well as raising awareness about how media and advertising distort standards for physical attractiveness. Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty mission statement is, “to make more women feel beautiful every day by widening stereotypical views of beauty”. In addition to their television commercials, which intentionally depict women of normal and healthy body proportions, the Dove website also includes a number of articles and film clips aimed at educating and advising girls and women about topics such as “real beauty” and “self-esteem”.


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I'm a student at Ottawa U, studying in Communications. I was born in Quebec City to a French Canadian and Italian family. I lived 9 years in the Netherlands and then moved to Ottawa. I love to travel, spend time with my family, and have fun with friends. You can always see me with a smile on my face :)
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