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Viewing habits tied to life stages

Do you ever think about how those growing up watching television are going to be when they grow up? Are they going to look back and appreciate the technology of today? More importantly, how often are they going to be … Continue reading

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MuchMusic wants MuchLessMusic

It’s been awhile since MTV showed music videos because they’ve changed their strateegy to showing reality television or ‘lifestyle’ shows. And now CTV wants to do the same. They want to show less music on their popular channel, MuchMusic. They … Continue reading

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“I can see ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ from my living room.”

As part of my monday morning routine, I watch the View among other morning talk shows. A  hot topic that they discussed was the reaction to Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The TLC show aired last night to 5 million viewers and the … Continue reading

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Google taking over your television set

They’ve already conquered the cellphone industry and are now moving into television territory. Appropriately named ‘Google TV’, it will bring you the ability to search the web for shows, movies, videos and stream them onto your television set. You can … Continue reading

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